LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is the story of a passionate craftsmanship for gourmet licorice. In 2007 Johan Buelow created an exceptional Danish licorice and to this day he continues his journey to create surprising combinations and sensual taste experiences with licorice as the core. The goal is always the same, to inspire people around the world and spread the love for this unique Nordic taste of Lakitz. It's all about the perfect combination of the right chocolate with the right type of licorice, about the magic that both dark and milk chocolate, white chocolate and dulce chocolate with licorice can create. All cocoa ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced at Lakrids by Buelow under the influence of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. The goal of the Cocoa Horizons program is to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities by promoting sustainable, entrepreneurial agriculture, improved productivity and community development that protects both nature and people. Lakrids by Johan Buelow uses Callebaut chocolate in its chocolate-covered licorice. When sea salt is used in the Lakrids by Johan Buelow products, it comes from Maldon. The whole world of licorice - we believe that the whole world should know this culinary phenomenon, a spice that deserves the same status as fennel and saffron.

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